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Is finding the power in your voice an issue?

Do you struggle to get the high notes?

Do you ever get soreness or tiredness in your voice after singing?

 Is stage fright your problem?

These things all have a cause and can be resolved with the right know-how

Whatever stage you're at, there's always the potential to open up and free your voice more, and I can help you find your true voice and vocal freedom. What's more, we can have fun in the process! Learning singing doesn't have to be scary or shaming - I will put you at your ease.

As a seasoned performer and teacher, I have extensive experience of a wide range of vocal qualities, techniques and typical stumbling blocks, so you're in safe hands.

I specialise in non-classical vocal styles, for example Pop, Rock, Indie, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Folk, Rap, Musical Theatre, R'n'B to name a few.

Whatever your style, bring your choice of songs and we can work together to bring out the very best in your voice.

I teach a range of ages from 9-90 and hold a fully enhanced up to date DBS certificate.

Call me know to discuss lessons with your child!


Daisy loves coming to your singing lessons. I should mention that she I really shy and has mimed singing for years without actually having the confidence to sing. The fact that she is singing in front of me and you as a teacher is a new thing. We are so happy she enjoys your classes and her confidence is growing.

Daisy's Mum

I am 16 years old and I am the lead singer of a funk band as well as a songwriter hoping to make my way in the music world. Recently I had a singing lesson with Cath which focused on belting technique. As well as receiving a detailed and comprehensive break down of how singing actually works, I was taught the technique and given the time needed to sing how I wanted to. We also talked about stage presence and being heard on stage which are undeniably important factors for a performer and can’t be talked about enough. Overall the environment was very relaxed and enjoyable, definitely helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to go again. 

Ayyildiz 16

Cath is a remarkably warm and intuitive teacher with an impressive arsenal of vocal skills, knowledge, and experience to draw on when working with aspiring singers. I have been surprised and pleased by the bespoke and holistic nature of our sessions. She really listens to understand where you are struggling and adjusts her approach accordingly. Within one session, she helped me overcome a lifelong psychological barrier to singing with my head voice! Just a few sessions later, I'm singing songs with notes I never thought I would reach and doing so with much greater power and confidence. I'm really excited to explore my range of vocal possibilities further with Cath!