Cath Coombs has been working as a vocalist, musician, song writer, arranger and band leader and teacher since 1990. 

As a performing artist, she has toured the UK, Europe and Canada, playing top venues and festivals such as Edinburgh, Glastonbury, The Barbican, and Cambridge Folk Festival.  She has produced and appeared on several recorded albums across the genres of Jazz, Blues, Folk, Soul, Funk, World, and Fusion.

Her instruments include fiddle, cello, piano and low whistle and cello accompaniment.

Bands: Whiskey before Breakfast, Thought Gang, Phat Phiddles, Peach, The Cath Coombs Jazz Quartet, Cath Coombs and the Awesome Soul Collective.  As a solo performer, she collaborated with Joan Baez at The Cambridge Folk Festival.

Other bands Cath has worked with include:

Horace X

The Leon Hendrix Band

Pete Newman Clarinet Project

George Breakfast


Whiskey Before Breakfast – Mary’s Teapot

Thought Gang – Monsters from the Id

Peach  - Peach 

Phat Phiddles – Phat Phiddles

Horace X  - Strategy

Pete Newman – Clarinet Project

George Breakfast – Kayajingo

Tom Bainbridge – Euphoric Melancholy

Cath has a breadth of knowledge, training and experience of a wide variety of vocal styles and techniques ranging from the plaintive Sean Os of the unaccompanied Irish tradition, to the full bodied belt of Aretha Franklin, Adele, Florence, Sia and James Brown. She studied vocal technique extensively with Felicity Cook (Voiceworks UK) , Estill Voice Training, and Alexander Technique and has over 20 years’ teaching experience.