Daisy loves coming to your singing lessons. I should mention that she I really shy and has mimed singing for years without actually having the confidence to sing. The fact that she is singing in front of me and you as a teacher is a new thing. We are so happy she enjoys your classes and her confidence is growing.

Daisy's Mum

Cath is an absolute professional. Cath’s enthusiasm for her students and singing coupled with a detailed understanding of the art makes her one of the best. Cath has been a key member in not only helping me improve and develop my voice but also my confidence. Truly, one of the best teachers.

Pravinda 17

She made me more confident, she was really nice, and had lots of aural books to help me with. 

Imogen 14

Cath is an excellent teacher and very cool!

Bea 11

Cath is an amazing singing teacher. She is extremely encouraging, giving you the confidence you need to own your voice. She loves going into the biology of singing so that you learn why you do things and what's going on inside. So you learn good technique and why it is important. She helped me understand why I have a break in my voice and how to be much more confident singing up high, as well as techniques to bolster my sound. We had fun doing a variety of songs, including Jazz, Disney and ones I had written myself. I'm really grateful for the lessons I had and I'm sure I'll be back for more!


Cath is an experienced, versatile, highly skilful, communicative and empathic teacher. Her knowledge of how the body works in relation to the biomechanics of singing is impressive. As is her ability dive into the psychology, both internal and external of singing as a way of self expression, combined in a dynamic balance with the narrative of the song being performed. She understands both the singer and the audience. It is a real pleasure and eye opener to be learning with Cath Coombs on a regular basis and it helps to turn the folk songs I sing into living beings.


Such an amazing lesson Cath! How you managed to get me to sing in front of you I do not know but thank you!


Cath is so knowledgeable and so great and easy to work with! She is really helpful and my singing has improved so much!


I am 16 years old and I am the lead singer of a funk band as well as a songwriter hoping to make my way in the music world. Recently I had a singing lesson with Cath which focused on belting technique. As well as receiving a detailed and comprehensive break down of how singing actually works, I was taught the technique and given the time needed to sing how I wanted to. We also talked about stage presence and being heard on stage which are undeniably important factors for a performer and can’t be talked about enough. Overall the environment was very relaxed and enjoyable, definitely helpful and I wouldn’t hesitate to go again. 

Ayyildiz 16

Studying singing as a teen with Cath has been fantastic. It was my first time singing publicly but she put me absolutely at ease and I felt totally comfortable trying parts that I wasn’t sure would sound perfect. Cath has a real ability to help build up tricky techniques and find methods to make them feel more accessible whilst you’re figuring them out for the first time. Friendly and knowledgeable, she has been perfect to start singing with and I am so glad to have spent time working with her.

Cass 15

I used to sing frequently before in my early teens my voice broke and now more than 45 years later decided to give it another try. It was a lucky day that I chose to start lessons with Cath. She advertises as teaching various styles including what I wanted: a sort of ageing troubadour cum rock star, or something like that. Her teaching style is very relaxed and she really knows her stuff. Just a few weeks in we have worked on breathing exercises, vocal range, different voices (falsetto!). I feel in just a short time I am starting to "hit" those notes and develop a feel for how to breathe and switch between the various types of sound that one can sing with.

I really like that she lets you choose your own music as it is a huge incentive to practise.

Fantastic !


Cath is a very sensitive person and very kind. She knows how to listen to the person in front of her and to find the right way to teach for the best. She believes in the student’s capacity, she is full of enthusiasm and love for the music and she really cares about her students.


I've been taking singing lessons with Cath for over a year and can warmly recommend her as a singing teacher. Cath has great knowledge of vocal techniques and how to apply these techniques to the songs I've been practising with her which has given me much more confidence and joy when singing. She has also been great at giving tips and ideas when I've brought my own half finished songs along to sessions to practice. I look forward to continue working with Cath.


Cath is a remarkably warm and intuitive teacher with an impressive arsenal of vocal skills, knowledge, and experience to draw on when working with aspiring singers. I have been surprised and pleased by the bespoke and holistic nature of our sessions. She really listens to understand where you are struggling and adjusts her approach accordingly. Within one session, she helped me overcome a lifelong psychological barrier to singing with my head voice! Just a few sessions later, I'm singing songs with notes I never thought I would reach and doing so with much greater power and confidence. I'm really excited to explore my range of vocal possibilities further with Cath!


I am happy to recommend Cath. She gives encouragement and advice in just the right measures.

Janine (Imogen’s Mum)

Cath is an excellent mentor and teacher for singing. I have tried multiple singing teachers and Cath has been by far the best in my experience for a multitude of reasons. I find her to be incredibly understanding and finds exactly what my problems are, and helps me visualize them in a way that have really helped me overcome them. She keeps things simple and efficient and I have really felt how my singing has improved such a small amount of lessons so far. Also just very fun to hang out with, 5/5!!! 


Cath is a real gem in the world of singing teachers; not only is she one of the kindest and easiest people to get along with, she has a real passion for getting the best from pupil’s voices and is able to adapt her teaching to help people of all stages overcome their vocal obstacles. I look forward to every lesson. 


I love singing with Cath. I’ve never felt so confident singing in front of someone before.

Hanna 16

I want to say thank you again for helping me find my voice.  It really has been the most amazing gift.

Kathryn 16

Cath is an inspirational teacher who helped me find the key to opening up my own voice and making it shine. 


Cath is an excellent vocal coach and it was a pleasure working with her. She is conscientious, encouraging and patient when teaching new skills. Cath’s style is to teach through student-selected songs rather than exercises and is open to online teaching via zoom. I would recommend anyone to Cath to enhance their singing technique and confidence.